You lost me at bread-taker-outer

“Love your family, do what you love and work your face off.” In the Gary Vaynerchuk video, called the Thank You Economy, these are what Vaynerchuk cited as his three secrets to success. On the other end of the spectrum, we have a seemingly classless, condescending character by the name of Peter Shankman who broadly claims social media experts are incapable of writing clear, concise sentences and essentially paints today’s social media expert as a dirty hippie kid who tweeted their way through undergrad.


Firstly, I am more inclined to agree with Vaynerchuk’s opinion because he strongly believes in putting his family first. I’m of the same think tank that money is not going to make you happy. Of course, there’s a certain amount that will (i.e. to live above the poverty line) but more isn’t always better. I would rather have a happy life filled with loving people than gold.


Secondly, I think if your company is large, you will need someone to stay on top of social media. Social media is something a company is either good at, or it gets completely ignored. And maybe it’s not a single person but a team dedicated to the same brand and goals that works to boost your company ahead through quality engagement. Yes, I know “engagement” is one of those social media buzzwords but bear with me until I find a better descriptor.


Shankman lost me with his bread analogy where he basically said if you’re good at social media, you couldn’t possibly be good at anything else that has to do with marketing. Obviously, his article is meant to be condescending but he really loses anyone who thinks social media is worthwhile because he is too harsh and makes too broad of generalizations about the so-called “social media experts.”


2 thoughts on “You lost me at bread-taker-outer

  1. I agree with you. I was totally lost with the bread analogy. I think people can be very talented in many different areas. Good social media campaigns are harder than simply posting something. Content is still king in the social media sphere.

  2. Very good points! Shankman really was condescending to those who do this as a job or use this to research items. He seems to not completely grasp the concept that you need to advertise to make money,and right now, advertising on social media sites is at a high. If he is so into making money and getting results, he would see the importance of using social media to his advantage. Social media is a very good way to get “out there” so to speak, because as sad as it may be, people today basically live on the internet.

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