Final Project Review

For the first week of my final project, I did not use my mobile device to create content because I only did written blogs. I think it would have been difficult to type the entire posts on my iPad or iPhone and it also would have been hard to do the research that was necessary for my posts on fraternity history.


For my second week, I filmed and edited all three blog posts as videos on my iPad. I used iMovie for iPad to put all the clips together and uploaded directly to YouTube from my iPad. It took me a little while to get used to using my iPad to edit and film. Filming with the iPad was difficult because the resolution is not good at all. The iPad also zooms in really far when it is in video mode so it was also difficult to get steady shots.


For my third week, I continued filming and editing my videos for the blog posts on my iPad. Using iMovie for the iPad was much easier the second week and the editing went much quicker this week than it did last week. I was used to working with iMovie and already knew how to do all the little tricks that I had to spend time researching last week.


Overall, I like using iMovie for iPad for editing video but filming is not good. I think the videos would have been better if I had used an actual camera and microphones. It would have taken a little longer but the end product would have been much better.

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