Social Media for Homeless Pets

I have been interning for Animal Humane New Mexico since June 2012 and their social media presence has become one of my favorites to keep up with. Working there, I’m naturally an animal lover and a lot of the posts are about pets who have been there for a while who finally found homes, about how we just received a bunch of puppies from another town, or how we just received a huge donation. So it’s always very fun, lighthearted and uplifting to look at the posts from Animal Humane. Plus, I get to see pictures of adorable pets.


The Facebook page is very bright, with lots of stories, photos and videos. On Twitter, the posts are more like quick updates. They often post about mobile adoption events or post links to Instagram photos or YouTube videos that have been recently uploaded. I don’t think many questions get asked on Twitter so there isn’t much of a need for Twitter conversations but the Facebook page is definitely utilized as a sort of question and answer forum on the posts. The YouTube channel is used to post commercials that have been made, promo videos on specific pets, and as a sort of news update on things going on within Animal Humane.

What I like about Animal Humane’s social media presence is that it’s fun. They’re not afraid to take chances and post silly things a lot with serious, important things. Recently, they posted a link to a parody of a Macklemore song and it was hilarious! They’ve done a great job creating a following within the Albuquerque area. The Facebook page has over 7,000 likes and I think it’s because of the diversity in the posts. It’s not the same things over and over again and they keep it interesting.

I definitely see bits of myself in their branding. I’d like to think of myself as an upbeat, lighthearted person and that’s what I see in their social media. They are also able to keep that same tone strong between social media and traditional advertising. The billboards and local television commercials translate well and are very apparently the same organization that they show on Facebook. I’m grateful I’ve been able to intern there and see what makes a successful social media presence.


Ombré Nails …

I’ll go ahead and just give it to you straight — this week I attempted an ombré nail tutorial I found on The Beauty Department.

It was supposed to turn out like this:


Instead, it turned out like this:


Needless to say, it didn’t work out nearly as well as I thought it would. It looks more like some weird pink rainbow than an ombré effect. But I’ll go ahead and give you the low-down on how they said to do it and maybe you’ll have better luck than I did.

First, gather your basic supplies:

  • 3-4 nail polishes in dark to light shades
  • triangle makeup sponges
  • cup of water
  • piece of paper
  • nail polish remover (polish clean up)
  • small paint brush (polish clean up)


OK so here’s how it should work:

  1. Soak the sponge in water and then squeeze it out about 80 percent of the way so that it’s damp. It’s supposed to keep the nail polish from soaking into the sponge too quickly.
  2. Unscrew the nail polish lids so you can work quickly for this next step …
  3. Apply a single line of either you darkest or lightest color at the edge of the sponge. Go over the line twice so there’s enough polish to transfer.
  4. Make another line above your first with the second darkest/lightest color (just go in order of your spectrum of colors).
  5. Dab the sponge on your piece of paper to blend the colors. Bounce it up and down in the same spot lightly if the colors need to blend more.
  6. Now line the edge of the sponge up with the tip of your nail and apply medium-firm pressure. Again, bounce the sponge up and down in that spot to blend the colors more.
  7. Reapply the lines of polish to the sponge for every nail.
  8. If you get this far and haven’t taken all of the polish off, congratulations, you made it farther than I did!
  9. If it looks good enough to continue, then use the small paint brush to clean up the sides with nail polish remover.
  10. Add a clear top cot. This should make the colors appear even more blended.

Here’s what my work station looked like after my solid attempt:


My roommate, who thinks she’s God’s gift to anything at all related to art, thought she could swoop in and suddenly be the queen of the ombré nail art village. Wrong. So wrong. She didn’t do any better than me and laughed saying it was stupid. So please, comment below if this worked and I will get you a crown. (OK probably a digital crown, I’m broke you guys, come on.)

DIY Lipgloss

For this week’s DIY, I tested out a DIY lipgloss tutorial I saw on Pinterest from a blog called Wonder Forest. The blog says it’s the easiest DIY lipgloss out there and I would have to agree. They called for vaseline and whatever powdered makeup color you wanted to add, but I added in coconut oil for a little extra scent and moisturizer.

Here were my starting tools:

Starting Tools

Next, I added just about even parts coconut oil and Vaseline onto my palette. I used the spoon to scoop it onto the plate and waited until I added color to actually mix them together:


After that, go through your makeup box and pick some of your favorite colors. I used colors I use on a daily basis that I thought would make cool lip colors for either myself, or friends. If you use loose powder, you can just scoop it with a spoon into the coconut oil and vaseline mixture. Most of the colors I used were from pressed powders so I stretched out a bobby pin and just kind of scraped at it to get the desired amount of powder out to make the gloss.

Here is the makeup I used, and then the colors of lip gloss they made:

lipgloss colors

Once the colors were made, my friends and I tried them on looking our Sunday lounge-time best! I convinced my friend Alli to try the gold gloss on by telling her she would look just like Beyonce. Sadly, it looked less like the goddess Beyonce and more like smeared mustard … but hey, this is a DIY trial and error blog! So the gold was a bust, but the pinks and peach colors turned out nicely! All in all, this is a super inexpensive and easy way to make lip color if you’re in a jiff. Plus the coconut oil is totally optional if you don’t need extra moisturizing power. Comment below if you decide to try this one out and let me know how it works!

ricki lips