Kappa Kappa Gamma House Tour

A tour of my sorority house, Kappa Kappa Gamma at the University of New Mexico. We are the Gamma Beta chapter. This video was filmed and edited on my iPad. The photos are used by permission of the owners or are owned by me. The music is by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen.


Social Media Final Project Editorial Calendar

For my final project, I am going to cover my sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma and will localize it by focusing in on my chapter at UNM, the Gamma Beta chapter.


Week One:

  • A History of Fraternities
  • History of Kappa Kappa Gamma
  • History of Gamma Beta chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma

Week Two:

  • Philanthropy
  • Programs
  • Chapter organization and member involvement

Week Three:

  • I will come up with more as I write the other posts and figure out how this project is going to work! 🙂

Social Media for Homeless Pets

I have been interning for Animal Humane New Mexico since June 2012 and their social media presence has become one of my favorites to keep up with. Working there, I’m naturally an animal lover and a lot of the posts are about pets who have been there for a while who finally found homes, about how we just received a bunch of puppies from another town, or how we just received a huge donation. So it’s always very fun, lighthearted and uplifting to look at the posts from Animal Humane. Plus, I get to see pictures of adorable pets.


The Facebook page is very bright, with lots of stories, photos and videos. On Twitter, the posts are more like quick updates. They often post about mobile adoption events or post links to Instagram photos or YouTube videos that have been recently uploaded. I don’t think many questions get asked on Twitter so there isn’t much of a need for Twitter conversations but the Facebook page is definitely utilized as a sort of question and answer forum on the posts. The YouTube channel is used to post commercials that have been made, promo videos on specific pets, and as a sort of news update on things going on within Animal Humane.

What I like about Animal Humane’s social media presence is that it’s fun. They’re not afraid to take chances and post silly things a lot with serious, important things. Recently, they posted a link to a parody of a Macklemore song and it was hilarious! They’ve done a great job creating a following within the Albuquerque area. The Facebook page has over 7,000 likes and I think it’s because of the diversity in the posts. It’s not the same things over and over again and they keep it interesting.

I definitely see bits of myself in their branding. I’d like to think of myself as an upbeat, lighthearted person and that’s what I see in their social media. They are also able to keep that same tone strong between social media and traditional advertising. The billboards and local television commercials translate well and are very apparently the same organization that they show on Facebook. I’m grateful I’ve been able to intern there and see what makes a successful social media presence.

UNM journalism student shares post-grad plans

“The best way to meet girls is to be on crutches … If you’re on crutches, they’ll be like ‘oh man,’” Sean Gardner says after once having popped ligaments out of place while bouldering. He says he was reaching for the last hole and missed it, landing straight on his ankle.

This isn’t the first climbing-related injury Gardner has suffered. Once, while ice climbing, he had his ice axe directly in front of his face, and it slipped and hit his tooth. After he was lowered down, half of his front tooth was missing. “It could’ve gotten my eye, but luckily it got my tooth.”

Gardner is a 24-year-old print journalism major who has been at UNM for almost six years and will graduate this semester. “I’m a joke,” he says laughing. “I want to be an ill designer working at a magazine, laying out pages and stuff. My end dream would be to be a designer for a climbing magazine or an outdoors magazine.”

Gardner currently works at REI and enjoys outdoor activities. He also works five nights a week at the Daily Lobo as production manager. “I’m at the paper everyday and I also work at REI as an outdoors specialist.” Gardner says the craziest thing to happen to him at the Daily Lobo was when a drunk, homeless man came into Marron Hall one evening. “He was asking everyone in the building if we could teach him how to read. I told him to leave and Junfu (Han) told him, ‘Maybe you shouldn’t drink so much.’” Once at REI, Gardner says he was bent over mixing something when he realized someone was standing beside him. When he asked the man if he needed any help, the man replied “No, I’m just enjoying the full moon.”

Gardner says he is also in the process of applying to grad school and “beefing up” his portfolio. Schools on his list are the Pratt Institute and the New York School of Digital Arts, both in New York City, where he plans to visit for a week this summer to look at grad schools. “I’ve been there a couple times when I was little, like, 15, 14 … I can kind of work my way around the subway.”

This semester, Gardner is taking a small metal sculpture course where his first project was to make a ring. “I decided to make a ring for one of my coworkers and this class is super hard because I think I suck at metal work.” His guilty reading pleasure is the teen drama series Skins by Ali Cronin, “which is a really good book,” Gardner said.

Before going away to New York City for grad school, he will attend the National Outdoor Leadership School this summer. “I’ll be spending 30 days backpacking, rock climbing and mountaineering and learning new skills all the way.”

ASUNM: The unheard voice of UNM students

David Conway is in his third year serving with Associated Students of the University of New Mexico and is currently a lobby director with the organization. “I didn’t want to get involved at all and got pulled in,” he said. His sophomore year he won an outstanding senator award which was voted on by his peers. Like many UNM students, Conway commutes to school. “Being a commuter campus makes it feel like not much a community … ASUNM needs to be the driving force to stop that.” As a senator, Conway has dealt with students either not knowing or not caring about ASUNM. “We have to find ways to build community on this campus and that’s going to fight the apathy.”

One of the biggest things that ASUNM does as an organization is deciding how to spend student fees. “The ASUNM president is in charge of the Student Fee Review Board. It makes a pretty big recommendation to the president of the University and the Board of Regents on how much student fees should be charged and how they should be allocated.” That’s only the president’s part. The rest of the administration and senators serve on many different committees that work closely with UNM administration and help make key decisions that affect students. Conway served on a selection committee for new housing which chose the group American Campus Communities who plan to build dorms on south and main campuses. Members of ASUNM also meet with students from other student-ran organizations and talk to them about what they need. Conway met with students from EcoReps, a campus organization who is trying to promote sustainability and have students in the dorms live out sustainability as an example to the entire campus. Conway said, “EcoReps pointed that are an easy fix for ASUNM (financially).” One of the biggest goals of ASUNM is to help student organizations. “Not giving back to it (the University) would be an absolute crime; I’ve learned so much.”

On the surface, it seems like there are not a lot of candidates for ASUNM positions and that by having such a small pool to draw from, it would be automatic as far as who runs. But Conway said, “It’s very competitive and I’ve seen it get more competitive as we’ve gone along and I think it’s because of the quality of leaders.” There are about 30 students running in the upcoming elections in April. “It takes a lot of time and energy and there are a lot of students who want to do it despite a lot of the hardships; that’s what I love about this University.”

When students who aren’t involved say that they don’t care about campus politics, Conway says “Neither do I. I couldn’t care less about campus politics; it’s about serving the students. The minute it’s about politics is (when you need to get out).” ASUNM  aims to be the voice of the students. “There needs to be a connection you need to be able to feel pride for your university.”